The members of New Pony Funk all met at a monthly music showcase at the now defunct Tritone in 2005.  When they met, each was playing in a different band, but as it so often goes at these events, some of the future members of NPF ended up sitting in with each other's respective bands.  After the sets, one thing led to another and the guys got to talking, and after a few beers and some "music nerd" conversation, it became pretty obvious that a new band was brewing.  They got together for a few rehearsals, worked up a set's worth of material, and played their first show at the next monthly music showcase.  And now, much to everyone's surprise, nearly 18 years and about 1000 shows later, New Pony Funk is still going strong.


In their years together, NPF has opened for Bonerama, The George Porter Trio, Bernie Worrell, The Budos Band, and Papa Grows Funk, they've played at any number of local and regional festivals, and until COVID came along, they were one of the featured acts at BlocktoberFest for 7 years straight.  

The band's lineup has remained consistent over the years, at least until 2010 when they decided to add a part-time three-piece horn section to the mix.   The horn section joins the band for special events, festivals, and larger size venues.    

In terms of style and vibe, NPF is firmly rooted in the funky side of town, and their original material bears traces of a wide range of influences.  Listening to NPF, one can hear The Meters, Tower of Power, Dumpstaphunk, The Isley Brothers, Sly and the Family Stone, but when all is said and done NPF is a home-grown Philly Original.

To date NPF has released two CD's, 2015's "Make Your Move," and in 2022, their newest recording, "Let's Get Real," dropped in July.  

The band is available for all kinds of events, venues, and occasions.  If you're interested in booking NPF, please see the "contact us" page.